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Reading Proficiency by Grade 3


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Funding for Reading Proficiency by Grade 3

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This new line item proposed by the Governor is for Reading Proficiency by Grade 3. It funds a grant program which aims to have all children reading proficiently by third grade. Grants would be awarded to organizations that support literacy in school, and also at home.

Parents are often recognized as children's first and most influential teachers. The Reading Proficient by Grade Three Grant supports the efforts of families to make sure their child is ready for school and able to read by the third grade, a critical benchmark for determining later success in school and beyond. Grantees would offer parenting classes with emphasis on fathers and teen parents. Other services offered to families would include home visiting programs, parent-child playgroups and adult literacy programs to support families so that families can support their children.

These services for families would align with an increase in professional development opportunities for early education and care providers as well as K-12 teachers all with the goal of increasing reading proficiency in the school district.

The grant supports many different types of providers including: community providers, school districts, home visiting programs, education collaboratives, licensed child care providers, institutions of higher education and readiness centers.

Adjusted for inflation (cpi) NOT adjusted
FY18 GAA $0 $0
FY18 Leg $0 $0
FY18 Sen $0 $0
FY18 SWM $0 $0
FY18 Hou $0 $0
FY18 HWM $0 $0
FY18 Gov $0 $0
FY17 $0 $0