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Inflation Adjustment
  • CPI: adjusts for changes in the cost of goods and services purchased by consumers
  • IPD: adjusts for changes in the cost of goods and services purchased by governments
  • Economic Growth: adjusts for changes in the size of the state economy (measured in terms of total personal income)
  • None: does not capture changes in the value of a dollar over time.

Foster Care Review


funding levels adjusted for inflation (CPI)

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Adjusted for inflation (CPI) NOT adjusted
FY19 $4,197,923 $4,197,923
FY18 $4,244,175 $4,142,546
FY17 $4,283,550 $4,089,044
FY16 $3,596,680 $3,370,826
FY15 $3,253,399 $3,028,757
FY14 $3,241,069 $2,995,812
FY13 $3,233,425 $2,943,098
FY12 $3,154,935 $2,824,059
FY11 $3,265,912 $2,839,992
FY10 $3,139,758 $2,677,181
FY09 $3,322,678 $2,805,538
FY08 $3,441,455 $2,865,695
FY07 $3,514,423 $2,821,775
FY06 $3,435,592 $2,688,606
FY05 $3,506,090 $2,643,900
FY04 $3,519,695 $2,576,740
FY03 $3,472,009 $2,486,972
FY02 $3,249,941 $2,277,728
FY01 $3,295,029 $2,269,147
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Funding for Foster Care Review

comparisons adjusted for inflation (CPI)

This line item funds a mandatory biannual review by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) of the case plan of each child in foster care.

An independent evaluation of every foster child's case plan by a panel not otherwise involved in the case takes place approximately every six months. The case review panel consists of a case reviewer from the DCF Foster Care Review Unit, a member of the administrative staff from the local DCF area office and a volunteer case reviewer from the local community. The case plan which is being reviewed outlines the goals for the child and the family, and identifies resources to help meet those goals. The plan is jointly conceived by DCF social workers, foster parents, and the family, and is updated by the same stakeholders every six months. The review evaluates the appropriateness of a child’s placement and determines whether continued placement is necessary. The panel also measures progress towards the goals outlined in the service plan.

Massachusetts’ case review process is based on research which notes the importance of a review process distinct from case planning. The review provides feedback on a case, flags issues that may affect the child and family’s ability to meet their goals, and can also be used in aggregate to measure system effectiveness.

Adjusted for inflation (CPI) NOT adjusted
FY19 GAA $4,197,923 $4,197,923
FY19 Leg $4,197,923 $4,197,923
FY19 Sen $4,197,923 $4,197,923
FY19 SWM $4,197,923 $4,197,923
FY19 Hou $4,196,686 $4,196,686
FY19 HWM $4,196,686 $4,196,686
FY19 Gov $4,197,923 $4,197,923
FY18 $4,244,175 $4,142,546