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Inflation Adjustment
  • CPI: adjusts for changes in the cost of goods and services purchased by consumers
  • IPD: adjusts for changes in the cost of goods and services purchased by governments
  • Economic Growth: adjusts for changes in the size of the state economy (measured in terms of total personal income)
  • None: does not capture changes in the value of a dollar over time.

Alternative Non-Secure Overnight Lockup


funding levels adjusted for inflation (CPI)

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Adjusted for inflation (CPI) NOT adjusted
FY19 GAA $509,943 $509,943
FY18 $522,453 $509,943
FY17 $528,381 $504,388
FY16 $538,183 $504,388
FY15 $541,798 $504,388
FY14 $1,112,579 $1,028,388
FY13 $1,103,786 $1,004,678
FY12 $302,661 $270,919
FY11 $311,549 $270,919
FY10 $317,730 $270,919
FY09 $375,735 $317,256
FY08 $383,297 $319,171
FY07 $387,020 $310,743
FY06 $397,078 $310,743
FY05 $407,283 $307,127
FY04 $1,046,433 $766,085
FY03 $1,069,515 $766,085
FY02 $1,080,294 $757,126
FY01 $1,129,600 $777,908
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Between and
Funding for Alternative Non-Secure Overnight Lockup

comparisons adjusted for inflation (CPI)

Alternative Non-Secure Overnight Lockup provides safe and secure emergency placement other than a police station for children under 18 under arrest for status offenses or other nonviolent delinquency charges.

To protect children from overnight stays in police stations or in juvenile detention cells, this program funds specialized residential placements or foster homes. Typically, a local police departments would contact staff at a regional provider, who would arrange for transportation for the young person from the police station to the foster care home or staff-secure facility until the time of the child's court appearance. The provider staff would then also ensure that the young person appears at court on the next business day.

Although funded through the Department of Children and Families (DCF), children not involved with DCF are still eligible for this program.

Adjusted for inflation (CPI) NOT adjusted
FY19 GAA $509,943 $509,943
FY19 Leg $509,943 $509,943
FY19 Sen $509,943 $509,943
FY19 SWM $509,943 $509,943
FY19 Hou $509,943 $509,943
FY19 HWM $509,943 $509,943
FY19 Gov $509,943 $509,943
FY18 $522,453 $509,943