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Inflation Adjustment
  • CPI: adjusts for changes in the cost of goods and services purchased by consumers
  • IPD: adjusts for changes in the cost of goods and services purchased by governments
  • Economic Growth: adjusts for changes in the size of the state economy (measured in terms of total personal income)
  • None: does not capture changes in the value of a dollar over time.

Program Evaluation


funding levels adjusted for inflation (cpi)

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Adjusted for inflation (cpi) NOT adjusted
FY20 Current$0$0
FY19 Final$0$0
FY18 $0 $0
FY17 $0 $0
FY16 $327,297 $300,000
FY15 $0 $0
FY14 $0 $0
FY13 $0 $0
FY12 $0 $0
FY11 $0 $0
FY10 $0 $0
FY08 $0 $0
FY07 $0 $0
FY06 $0 $0
FY05 $0 $0
FY04 $0 $0
FY03 $0 $0
FY02 $0 $0
FY01 $0 $0
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Between and
Funding for Program Evaluation

comparisons adjusted for inflation (cpi)

In addition to overseeing the general operations of schools across the state, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) implements many specialized education grant programs and initiatives. In order to better serve young people across the state, it is important to evaluate the success of individual programs in improving student development and achievement.

The Program Evaluation line item provides funding for DESE to work with expert researchers to determine the benefits and costs of some of their specific initiatives. The types of programs studied are broad and focus on topics such as college preparation, curriculum, teacher training, and technology. Recent studies undertaken by DESE in partnership with expert researchers have identified several promising programs that have improved the educational experience of young people, particularly in under-resourced areas. Conversely, other programs have been shown to not be implemented in ways that boost student achievement.

Updated August 2016

Adjusted for inflation (cpi) NOT adjusted
FY20 GAA$0$0
FY20 Leg$0$0
FY20 Sen$0$0
FY20 SWM$0$0
FY20 Hou$0$0
FY20 HWM$0$0
FY20 Gov $0 $0