Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center
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Noah Berger 617.426.1228, ext. 102 nberger(at)

For Press Inquiries

Luc Schuster Deputy Director 617.426.1228, ext. 101 lschuster(at)

For Kids Count

Nancy Wagman Kids Count Project Director 617.426.1228, ext. 106 nwagman(at)

Policy Analyst: Human Services, Early Education

Jeff Bernstein 617.426.1228, ext. 105 jbernstein(at)

For General Questions

Mary Tittmann Director of Outreach 617.426.1228, ext. 109 mtittmann(at)

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Angela Brooks Director of Development and Finance 617.426.1228, ext. 103 abrooks(at)

Senior Policy Analyst: Economic Issues

Kurt Wise 617.426.1228, ext. 113 kwise(at)

Office Manager

Steve Reuys 617.426.1228, ext. 104 sreuys(at)