Budget debates are about what we want to accomplish through our government.

The choices we make shape our communities, in areas like...



Libraries, Parks, Playgrounds, and Swimming Pools

Public Safety

Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water

Prisons and the Courts

Health Care and Public Health

Human Services

These are just some of the things that we do together through our government.

Keep them in mind as you click through our slideshow presentation.

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Taxes Are 10.4% of Income Earned in Massachusetts

These many services that we provide through our government—education and transportation and public safety and human services and beyond—are supported primarily by our tax dollars (and, to a lesser extent, fees and federal money). And when we compare the total amount of state and local taxes collected in Massachusetts with the money people earn across the state, we find that the taxes amount to just 10.4% of our total income.

Resource: The Income Tax in Massachusetts