Fair Share: Best First Step to Building an Equitable Commonwealth


The Commonwealth has voiced its approval for tax justice and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon. The historic passage of Question 1, also known as the Fair Share Amendment, will unlock billions of new dollars each year for schools and transportation across the state.

For the past 35 years MassBudget has advocated for a more just tax code in the Commonwealth—and now—thanks to countless committed community members, we’re one step closer to that goal! The passage of the Fair Share Amendment is an incredible lesson in the power of an inclusive democracy, the power of accurate facts, and engaging people in decision-making on important policy questions.

The Fair Share Amendment will pave the way for a more prosperous Massachusetts by ensuring every student–in every district–is provided an equitable opportunity to succeed. It will pave the way for better-paying jobs for educators and transit workers and will ensure that the trains, roads, and bridges that connect our communities are strong.

The new revenue will help fund improvements across the board in early education, K-12 schools and our higher education institutions. It will help us all as we travel to work, school, and play by providing dedicated funding to fix our roads, structurally-deficient bridges, and dilapidated—and at times dangerous—public transit systems.

With the passage of Question 4, Massachusetts has joined 17 other states in granting qualified residents, regardless of immigration status, the right to obtain a standard driver’s license making our roads even safer for all. The Commonwealth’s voters have spoken clearly that they believe in fairness and taking care of current and future generations for years to come.

This is a powerful step in the right direction and the work continues. As we approach next year’s budget season, we will continue to partner with you and provide critical budget analyses to ensure these dollars reach all corners of the state—especially those that have been underfunded for decades.

In solidarity,

Marie-Frances Rivera


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