Nancy Wagman

Research & Kids Count Director

Nancy Wagman is the Research & Kids Count Director at the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, supporting MassBudget’s research and overseeing MassBudget’s role as a Kids Count organization. Her own research focus is on children’s issues, health care, and federal funding in the state budget.

Prior to joining MassBudget, Nancy held several positions in the Massachusetts Senate Post Audit and Oversight Bureau; she was also a policy and program analyst at the state Department of Public Health; she was a WIC program director in a community health center; she was the planner and advocacy coordinator at a large community-based human services agency; and has been a special education advocate.

Nancy holds a B.A. from Oberlin College and an M.C.P. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Improvements for our Children: Fewer in Poverty, Almost All Insured

Examines new Census data on children’s poverty and health coverage for 2016, and trends in Massachusetts and the nation.

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Documenting Success: Health Reform in Massachusetts and the Nation

New data from the U.S. Census show the results of commitments made by Massachusetts and the nation to improving health care security for our people. The rates of health coverage have increased steadily since the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2006.

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Massachusetts Leads Nation in Education; Federal Budget Proposals Could Have Wide-Ranging Impacts

Massachusetts ranks 1st in education in the national KIDS COUNT rankings of the states. Recent victories and future progress could be at risk if Massachusetts loses funding from the federal government that has been crucial to Massachusetts’ successes. A large portion of the $2.5 billion in federal grant money that comes to Massachusetts outside of the state budget supports education. The President’s proposed budget that cuts federal funding could affect Massachusetts’ ability to ensure that every child in the Commonwealth grows up ready and able to learn, and that our classrooms are able to provide high-quality education on the road to college and success in life.

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Economic Conditions of Families Better Than in Most States; At Risk From Proposed Federal Budget Cuts

Massachusetts ranks 13th for the economic well-being of children in the national KIDS COUNT rankings of the states, but continued progress could be at risk if Massachusetts loses federal funding that has been crucial to some of Massachusetts’ successes. Cuts to federally-funded poverty reduction programs such as SNAP (“food stamps”), cash assistance (TANF), housing assistance, as well as other cuts proposed in the President’s budget to employment and economic development programs could limit access to income support programs, could limit families’ access to meaningful work, and could create budget challenges at the state level. Together, these circumstances could have a measurable impact on children’s economic well-being.

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