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Shifting the Balance: How a Massachusetts “Fair Workweek” Law Can Protect Workers and their Families from Unstable Schedules

As laid out in a companion report, Wrong on Schedule: How Unstable Scheduling Hurts Massachusetts Workers and their Families, employers in low-wage service industries like …

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Wrong on Schedule: How Unstable Scheduling Hurts Massachusetts Workers and their Families

Over the next several years, Massachusetts will see more job openings in hourly retail and food service positions (salespersons, cashiers, fast food workers, and wait staff) than in almost any other occupation. For workers paid by the hour, time, as the saying goes, is money — literally. That means they need to count on stable, sufficient, and predictable schedules, which allow them to earn a decent living, and have time to take care of themselves and their families.

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Testimony on H.3809 Before Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development

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Testimony before Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development on S.1066/H.1610, “An Act to Prevent Wage Theft, Promote Employer Accountability, and Enhance Public Enforcement”

MassBudget testimony Wage Theft and Whistleblower Enforcement.pdf

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It’s About Time: Modernizing the Massachusetts Overtime Law Would Help 435,000 Salaried Workers

Everyone deserves fair pay for the hours they work, and the freedom to have a personal life away from the job. That’s why we have overtime laws, which require that most workers be paid time-and-a-half for every hour they work over 40 in a given week. For salaried workers, however, these laws no longer provide the protection they used to.

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Testimony Before Joint Committee on Higher Education on S.744/H.1221, “An Act to Guarantee Debt-Free Public Higher Education”

MassBudget testimony – Debt-Free Higher Ed.pdf

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Testimony on Fair Workweek Legislation Before Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development

MassBudget testimony – Fair Workweek.pdf

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A Promise of Equity: Designing a Debt-Free Higher Education Program That Works for Everyone

As Massachusetts considers several proposals to make college tuition-and-fee-free or debt-free, this paper looks at how different design elements of such a guarantee could affect access and affordability for students from less wealthy families, students of color, and immigrant students in Massachusetts.

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Impact of the Increase in the Massachusetts Minimum Wage to $12

These infographics show the impacts of the increase in the Massachusetts minimum wage on January 1, 2019, from $11 to $12 per hour.

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