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The Evidence on Millionaire Migration and Taxes

This policy brief examines the evidence on the likely migration effects of raising income taxes on households with taxable annual income above $1 million and ...
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The Growing Cost of Special Business Tax Break Spending

The cost to the state from special business tax break spending has nearly tripled, even after adjusting for inflation, from $370 million in 1996 to ...
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Building a Strong Economy: The Roles of Education, Transportation, and Tax Policy

Effective economic policies can create a more highly productive state economy and make it possible to improve economic opportunity and security for working families. This ...
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Massachusetts’s Earned Income Tax Credit

The EITC improves the economic security of working families by increasing the after tax incomes of low and moderate wage workers. This factsheet explains how ...
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Massachusetts Ranks in Middle for Taxes in FY 2013

Analyzing recently updated data from the Census on state and local taxes across the country, this factsheet compares the overall level of state and local ...
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Where Does the Taxachusetts Label Come From?

This factsheet explains the history of the "Taxachusetts" label and describes how it is at odds with the reality of the level of taxation in ...
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Large gains in health coverage, some growth in incomes, big challenges remain

New Census data released this week shows that ACA implementation led to the largest single-year increase in health insurance coverage nationwide in 2014. Also, incomes ...
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How Do Massachusetts Business Taxes Compare to Other States?

This factsheet examines findings from the Council on State Taxation's (COST) annual report examining the taxation of businesses in each state. The report accounts for ...
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Labor Day 2015: Important Gains, Many Challenges for MA Workers

Labor Day will arrive again this Monday, offering all of us a chance to remember and to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American ...
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Examining Tax Fairness

Taxes are the primary way we pay for the things that we do together through government. As this Facts-At-A-Glance details, overall, the Massachusetts tax system ...
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