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Representative Barber files legislation to support immigrants during COVID-19 pandemic

ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) are issued by the IRS for tatt filing purposes to individuals who are ineligible for Social Security Numbers. ITIN filers ...
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Stimulus checks pitched for undocumented workers

The left-leaning Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center estimates the state's proposal would benefit about 57,000 individuals.
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Letter: COVID-19 makes funding for birth-age 5 child care urgent

Child care programs and early educators serving birth-age 5 may become an endangered species following COVID-19. Samantha Aigner-Terworgy, Department of Early Education and Care commissioner, ...
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Immigrant stimulus check bills draw support

The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center pegged the cost of providing cash benefits to ITIN filers, in an amount equal to the federal stimulus they'd ...
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The Sobering Truth behind COVID-19’s Impact on Massachusetts’ Annual Budget

Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation ("MTF") estimates FY21 tax revenue to fall $4.4 billion below the modest benchmark established in early calendar year 2020, while the Massachusetts ...
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State Rundown 4/22: Earth Day Lessons from Pangea to Pandemic

Massachusetts lawmakers continue to weigh emergency measures. The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center released a brief that provides options to support individuals and families in ...
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Massachusetts and New Jersey See Push for Illegal Alien COVID-19 Stimulus

The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center estimates the bill would cost $58 million, to provide payments to an estimated 57,000 ITIN filers and their dependents. ...
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