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YouthBuild Grants


funding levels adjusted for inflation (cpi)

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Adjusted for inflation (cpi) NOT adjusted
FY21 Gov $2,400,000 $2,400,000
FY20 $2,458,249 $2,400,000
FY19 $2,509,932 $2,400,000
FY18 $1,868,087 $1,750,000
FY17 $2,182,929 $2,000,000
FY16 $2,223,381 $2,000,000
FY15 $2,204,780 $1,970,000
FY14 $2,254,235 $2,000,000
FY13 $2,289,310 $2,000,000
FY12 $1,513,131 $1,300,000
FY11 $1,557,569 $1,300,000
FY10 $1,832,847 $1,500,000
FY09 $2,384,023 $1,932,065
FY08 $2,840,862 $2,270,500
FY07 $2,660,125 $2,050,000
FY06 $1,930,451 $1,450,000
FY05 $1,657,967 $1,200,000
FY04 $711,575 $500,000
FY03 $0 $0
FY02 $3,285,616 $2,210,175
FY01 $3,479,694 $2,300,000
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Funding for YouthBuild Grants

comparisons adjusted for inflation (cpi)

The YouthBuild line item provides state support for the 11 YouthBuild programs in Massachusetts. YouthBuild combines job training in construction related fields, community service, and academic instruction for students between the ages of 16 and 24 working towards their high school diploma. Participants in YouthBuild tend to come from low-income backgrounds and face significant challenges outside of the classroom in successfully completing their education.

Students in YouthBuild spend alternate weeks in the classroom working toward their diploma or the High School Equivalency Test (formerly the GED), followed by one week on a job site building or renovating affordable housing in their communities. For young adults who have struggled in the traditional high school environment, YouthBuild helps develop important academic and job skills. At the same time these programs give the students the opportunity to help revitalize surrounding low-income areas, gaining leadership and community service experience.

YouthBuild is a national non-profit that operates over 250 sites in 46 states across the country, with a total reach of 10,000 young adults. In Massachusetts, YouthBuild is a coalition of 11 sites in several cities including Boston, Fall River, Worcester, Brockton, and Springfield. According to the Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition, between 2009 and 2012, their students rehabilitated 309 units of housing, created 16 new units of housing, and gained over 2,800 industry-recognized credentials. The agency also reports positive results for its other activities, including over 90 percent of students improving academic skills, increased high school graduation, and a total of 550,000 volunteer hours undertaken by staff and youth.

Updated January 2016

Adjusted for inflation (cpi) NOT adjusted
FY21 Gov $2,400,000 $2,400,000
FY20 $2,458,249 $2,400,000