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Analyzing the House Budget for FY 2018

The House largely followed the recommendations of its Ways and Means Committee in crafting its budget proposal, adopting amendments to the Fiscal Year 2018 budget ...
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Analyzing the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee Budget for FY 2018

This Budget Monitor examines the House Ways and Means Committee's state budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2017. The proposal would generally maintain existing service levels ...
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Analyzing the Governor’s Budget for FY 2018

The Governor's Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 budget includes proposals that strengthen the capacity of the MassHealth program to meet the healthcare needs of people in ...
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A Preview of the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Challenges

This preview examines both the challenges revenue gap facing the FY 2018 budget and two budget transparency reforms that could help avoid mid-year budget cuts ...
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Analyzing the State Budget for FY 2017

This Budget Monitor describes the funding decisions in each major section of the state budget for Fiscal Year 2017. It compares proposed funding levels with ...
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Massachusetts’ Earned Income Tax Credit and the Current Proposal for Increase and Reform

The state's Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) aims to improve the economic security of lower income working families by increasing their after-tax earnings. A growing ...
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Analyzing the Legislature’s Budget for FY 2017

How did the Legislature balance the budget in the face of a sudden $750 million shortfall? The revenue decline did not all translate into budget ...
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A First Look at the Legislative Budget

The budget enacted by the Legislature today represents both compromises between the House and Senate proposals, and new solutions to address the challenges caused by ...
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Conference Preview: Differences Between the Senate and House Budgets for FY 2017

This Budget Monitor describes the funding and policy differences between the House and Senate in each major area of the budget, and provides links to ...
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Analyzing the Senate Ways & Means Budget for FY 2017

The Senate Ways and Means Committee described a goal of making "investments to build resilient children, families, and communities." That theme clearly informs the choices ...
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