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Analyzing the Governor’s FY 2017 Budget

The Governor's budget proposal for FY 2017 is best described as an austerity budget. It contains small cuts and spending reductions across government and includes ...
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The Single Sales Factor Tax Break: Has It Worked?

The Governor's budget proposal will reportedly include the expansion of a corporate tax break called Single Sales Factor apportionment. This factsheet describes how this tax ...
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A Preview of the FY 2017 Budget

This preview provides an overview of both the specific challenges facing the Commonwealth this year and troubling longer-term trends that state budget writers face in ...
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Analyzing the State Budget for FY 2016

With the House and Senate having overridden a number of the Governor's vetoes the Fiscal Year 2016 (FY 2016) budget is now largely complete. This ...
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Analyzing the Legislature’s Budget for FY 2016

The Legislature's FY 2016 budget, approved by the House and Senate, makes few major changes in overall support for the programs to educate our children, ...
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New Federal Revenue Affects State Spending Trends

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act affects the state's fiscal condition in a number of ways. Most significantly, the law provides substantial new federal revenue ...
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Conference Preview: Differences Between the Senate and House Budgets for FY 2016

This Monitor describes major differences between the House and Senate final budgets that will need to be reconciled by the conference committee now meeting. The ...
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Analyzing the Senate Ways and Means Budget for FY2016

The Senate Ways and Means proposal for FY 2016 modestly increases education programs above levels in the Governor's and House budgets and it follows the ...
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Building an Economy that Works for Everyone: Implications of Privatization and the Pacheco Law

This fact sheet examines the core elements of the "Pacheco Law"- the requirement that privatization efforts lead to savings based on improved efficiency and that ...
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Analyzing the House Budget for FY 2016

In a quiet three days of debate, the House made few changes to the budget drafted by the House Ways and Means Committee. Many of ...
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