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Analyzing the Senate Ways and Means Budget for FY2016

The Senate Ways and Means proposal for FY 2016 modestly increases education programs above levels in the Governor's and House budgets and it follows the ...
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Building an Economy that Works for Everyone: Implications of Privatization and the Pacheco Law

This fact sheet examines the core elements of the "Pacheco Law"- the requirement that privatization efforts lead to savings based on improved efficiency and that ...
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Analyzing the House Budget for FY 2016

In a quiet three days of debate, the House made few changes to the budget drafted by the House Ways and Means Committee. Many of ...
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Analyzing the House Ways & Means Budget for FY 2016

The HWM budget for FY 2016 recommends targeted investments in some important areas including early education and care, affordable housing, and opiate abuse prevention and ...
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Analyzing the Governor’s Budget for FY 2016

In releasing his budget proposal on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 the Governor identified important priorities: "creating better communities, better schools, and better jobs for all ...
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Opening the Process: Releasing Maintenance Budgets to the Public

Maintenance budgets are estimates of what it would take for the state to maintain services at the same level as prior years. These budgets are ...
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A Preview of the FY 2016 Budget

As the FY 2016 budget season begins, the Commonwealth continues to suffer from the effects of the three billion dollars of income tax cuts enacted ...
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Income Tax Cuts and the Budget Deficit in Massachusetts

Beginning in 1998, a number of significant changes were made to the Massachusetts tax code–including a series of phased cuts to the state personal income ...
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Understanding the Actual Cost of MassHealth to the State

This brief describes the "net" cost of MassHealth, providing a much clearer picture of the impact of MassHealth on the state budget rather than looking ...
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Analyzing the FY15 Budget for MassHealth and Health Reform Programs

This budget brief summarizes the Fiscal Year 2015 budget for MassHealth and Health Reform Programs. The FY 2015 MassHealth budget covers the first full year ...
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