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Comparing Revenue Proposals for Transportation, Education, and Other Investments

The Senate, the House, and the Governor have each proposed to raise new revenue to support some new investments. The House and Senate proposals focus ...
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The House FY 2014 Budget for Health Care

This brief describes the FY 2014 House proposal for MassHealth (Medicaid) and other subsidized health coverage programs. The House allocates $13.38 billion to these programs, ...
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Law & Public Safety in the House Budget for FY 2014

Law & Public Safety programs help us keep our communities safe and our economy growing. The House budget proposal for FY 2014 would slightly reduce ...
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Cuts to Early Education & Care in the House Budget for FY 2014

Quality Early Education & Care helps prepare kids for success in school and in life. The House budget would cut funding for Early Ed. & ...
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House Budget for FY 2014: Amendments Adopted During Debate

Most of the differences between the House budget and the Ways & Means proposal amount to small, targeted funding increases. There is some restoration of ...
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Children and Public Health in the House Ways & Means Budget

Public Health helps to ensure the health and well-being of children in Massachusetts. Since 2001, overall funding for Public Health programs that support children has ...
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Cuts to Youth Empowerment Programs in the HWM Budget

The Youth Empowerment programs that we organize through our government help young people find jobs, break from cycles of violence, and build careers. The House ...
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The House Ways & Means Budget for FY 2014

The House Ways & Means Budget for FY 2014 | Although the House Ways & Means budget does include some new funding for Higher Education, ...
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The Joint Ways & Means Transportation Proposal

The Joint Ways & Means transportation package uses a combination of new tax revenue and increased fees to shore up MBTA finances and move MassDOT ...
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Youth Employment in the Governor’s FY 2014 Budget

Every career begins with a first job. In recent years, it has gotten harder for young people in Massachusetts to find that first job. In ...
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