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Funding Improvements for Schools, Roads, and Public Transit with Tax Reforms that Improve Fairness

A ballot question has been proposed that would support investments in education and transportation with revenue from an additional 4% tax on income over a ...
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Excellence for All: Supporting English Language Learners in Massachusetts

Massachusetts policy since 2002 has emphasized English immersion as the primary approach to educating English Language Learners. A balanced review of the research reveals, however, ...
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Education and State Economic Strength: A Snapshot of Current Data

There has been a widening gap between workers with bachelor's degrees and those without, especially among the highest-paid 10 percent of workers with bachelor's degrees. ...
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Massachusetts Leads Nation in Education; Federal Budget Proposals Could Have Wide-Ranging Impacts

Massachusetts ranks 1st in education in the national KIDS COUNT rankings of the states. Recent victories and future progress could be at risk if Massachusetts ...
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New Study Finds High Quality Career and Technical Education Can Significantly Improve Student Outcomes

It is no longer news that students who attend high-quality career and technical education programs in Massachusetts also perform well academically and are more likely ...
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Learning Uninterrupted: Supporting Positive Culture and Behavior in Schools

As Massachusetts schools move beyond strict zero tolerance discipline policies, the report examines how school districts could implement reforms that reduce student suspensions and foster ...
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In 16 Charts: Higher Education Funding in Massachusetts

Organized as a series of charts, this paper details major trends in enrollment and state support for our two-year community colleges, four-year state universities, and ...
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Skills For Our Future: Vocational Education in Massachusetts

As educators prepare our young people with the skills to thrive in the years ahead, vocational education is a growing focus of education debates. Enrollment ...
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Issue in Brief: Vocational Education

A two-page summary of Skills For OurFuture, the report on vocational education.
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Counting Kids at School: 6 Steps to Better Numbers

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has recognized that recent improvements to school meals programs can unintentionally reduce funding for low-income school districts ...
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