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Public School Funding in Massachusetts: Where We Are, What Has Changed, and How We Compare to Other States

Recently released Fiscal Year 2008 education spending data from the US Census Bureau provide important information on long-term spending trends in Massachusetts and help paint
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The Education Jobs Fund and its Impact on Massachusetts Schools

The Education Jobs Fund, a $10 billion federal grant fund to be spent during the FY 2011 school year for the retention and creation of
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FMAP and an Education Jobs Fund: State Fiscal Relief To Strengthen the National Economy, Reduce State Budget Cuts, and Create Jobs

Last week the US Senate passed a bill that would approve extended state fiscal relief from the federal government, and the US House is reconvening
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Budget Brief: Chapter 70 Funding Options for K-12 Education

This Budget Brief examines potential strategies for implementing Chapter 70 reductions while protecting the ability of every school district to spend at no less than
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An Unstable Ladder: How the Fiscal Crisis is Threatening Education and Work Support Programs for Many Women

State programs in higher education, employment training and child care enable residents to attain and keep quality jobs. While these programs are open to all,
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