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Universal Voluntary Retirement Accounts: Expanding Employee Savings Opportunities

Many states have begun to study the impact and potential of establishing UVRA programs. UVRAs provide a viable and cost-effective option for businesses that do not provide retirement plans for their employees–particularly small businesses, which employ thousands of workers but face the highest barriers in providing plans.

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Economic Stimulus: What Can National and State Governments Do To Save and Create Jobs Quickly?

As unemployment remains high and policymakers at all levels of government recognize the need for policies that encourage economic growth, it is important to examine how economic stimulus policies work and which levels of government have the strongest capacity to create jobs and stimulate the economy quickly.

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An Unstable Ladder: How the Fiscal Crisis is Threatening Education and Work Support Programs for Many Women

State programs in higher education, employment training and child care enable residents to attain and keep quality jobs. While these programs are open to all, in each area women make up a substantial majority of those using these programs and services to improve their economic standing and support their families. This report examines state support of higher education, employment training and childcare–describing how these programs work, why they are important to the participation of women in the workforce, and the strains on both the programs and participants brought about by the economic crisis.

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