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Massachusetts Ranks in Middle for Taxes in FY 2011

According to 2011 data recently released by the census bureau, state and local taxes in Massachusetts amount to 10.4% of our total income, which is ...
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The Income Tax in Massachusetts

To pay for investments in our people, our communities, and our economic future, Massachusetts relies primarily on tax revenue. And the single largest source of ...
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Examining Tax Fairness

Overall, the Massachusetts tax system is regressive, collecting a larger share of household income from lower-income households than it does from upper-income households.
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Possible Reforms to the Governor’s Tax Plan

To pay for significant new investments in education and transportation, the Governor has proposed a revenue package that eliminates a number of popular personal income ...
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Effects of Raising Rates and Exemptions on the State Income Tax

This Facts At A Glance examines a tax reform option that would make changes to the way the Commonwealth taxes wage and salary income as ...
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Tax Policy Proposals in the Governor’s FY 2014 Budget

In his FY 2014 budget, the Governor funds new investments in education and transportation and reduces cuts to other programs using revenues generated through a ...
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Tax cuts that continue to haunt Mass.

Tax cuts from the late 90s and early 2000s have kept us from investing in our children, our communities, and the future of our economy.
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A First Look at the Governor’s Proposals on Education, Transportation, and Revenue

In recent days, the Governor has proposed: 1) increased funding for education; 2) fixes and improvements to our transportation system; 3) a revenue plan to ...
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Massachusetts Ranks 25th in Taxes in FY 2010

State and local taxes in Massachusetts are roughly in line with the national average, according to data released today by the census bureau. Massachusetts ranks ...
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Massachusetts Ranks 33rd in Taxes in FY 2009

On October 31 the U.S. Census Bureau released its annual update of State and Local Government Finances, providing national data for Fiscal Year 2009. The ...
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