The Massachusetts KIDS COUNT Advisory Council brings together leaders who advocate to make life better for all children in Massachusetts.

KIDS COUNT Advisory Council

Michael Curry, Chair
National NAACP Board of Directors
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Mass. League of Community Health Centers
Amy O'Leary
Campaign Director, Strategies for Children
Carlene Pavlos
Executive Director, Mass. Association of Public Health
Carol Kamin
Principal, Carol Kamin Consulting
Jane Tewksbury
Executive Director, Brazelton Touchpoints Center
Josh Greenberg
Vice President for Government Relations, Boston Children's Hospital
Kate Audette
Director of State Government Relations, Boston Children's Hospital
Lisa Lambert
Executive Director, Parent/Professional Advocacy League
Marianna Islam
Director of Programs and Advocacy, The Schott Foundation for Public Education
Norma Shapiro
American Civil Liberties Union, Citizens for Public Schools
Rebekah Gewirtz
Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers - Massachusetts Chapter
Rich Robison
Executive Director, Federation for Children with Special Needs
Sana Fadel
Interim Executive Director, Citizens for Juvenile Justice
Suzanne Curry
Senior Health Policy Manager, Health Care for All
Susan Elsen
Staff Attorney, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Tammy Mello
Executive Director, The Children's League of Massachusetts
Titus dos Remedios
Director of Research and Policy, Strategies for Children