About Us

MassBudget is a leading think tank advancing equitable policy solutions that create an inclusive, thriving Commonwealth.

Our Impact

MassBudget has provided the research, analysis and advocacy necessary for the achievement of critical policy advances including: passage of the Fair Share Amendment, which is estimated to bring in approximately $2 billion dollars to education and transportation needs annually, boosting take-home pay for low-income families through Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) increases, improving the Child and Family Tax Credit, and playing a substantial role in the passage of the nation’s most progressive K-12 education funding bill – the 2019 Student Opportunity Act.


Envisioning Equity

MassBudget, with partners and policymakers, works to advance racial and economic equity in the Commonwealth by helping to:


Fix our upside-down tax system so we can invest in a way that tackles systemic racism and classism.


Create an antiracist state budget by investing in quality education, affordable housing and health care, improved transportation, and vibrant communities.


Guarantee economic security for all by directly combating the extreme and unsustainable levels of inequality the Commonwealth is facing.


Build an inclusive democracy by providing research and training on the state budget and taxes, so everyone can be informed and united in creating needed change.


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