About Us

MassBudget is a leading think tank advancing equitable policy solutions that create an inclusive, thriving Commonwealth.

Our Impact

MassBudget has been credited with providing the research and analysis necessary for the achievement of critical policy advances including: raising the Massachusetts $15 minimum wage, establishing Paid Family & Medical Leave, achieving Earned Paid Sick Time, fairer corporate taxes that have netted substantial revenue for vital state programs, boosting take-home pay for low-income families through Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) increases, and playing a substantial role in the passage of the nation’s most progressive K-12 education funding bill – the 2019 Student Opportunity Act.

Racial and economic justice require tax justice and equitable state investment.


What We Do

MassBudget, with partners and policymakers, works to eliminate poverty and advance racial and economic equity in the Commonwealth by helping to:


Redesign our revenue system to ensure that people and corporations pay their fair share so we can invest in the public good;


Guarantee that all workers can count on decent wages and policies to ensure that their work life respects their needs; and


Invest in healthy, thriving communities by improving access to quality, affordable education from cradle to career, modernizing our infrastructure, and providing affordable access to supports and services so that everyone can be healthy and prosperous.


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