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What Is the Actual State Cost of MassHealth in 2018?

Since Medicaid is a partnership between state and federal governments, much of this essential health care coverage is actually paid for by the federal government. ...
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Analyzing the Senate Ways and Means Budget for FY 2018

Like the proposals from the Governor and the House, the Senate Ways and Means Committee budget for Fiscal Year 2018 would generally maintain existing service ...
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New Study Finds High Quality Career and Technical Education Can Significantly Improve Student Outcomes

It is no longer news that students who attend high-quality career and technical education programs in Massachusetts also perform well academically and are more likely ...
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Analyzing the House Budget for FY 2018

The House largely followed the recommendations of its Ways and Means Committee in crafting its budget proposal, adopting amendments to the Fiscal Year 2018 budget ...
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How Vulnerable is Massachusetts Transportation to Federal Spending Cuts?

This fact sheet examines the extent to which the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and transit agencies across the state rely on federal sources of revenue ...
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Analyzing the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee Budget for FY 2018

This Budget Monitor examines the House Ways and Means Committee's state budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2017. The proposal would generally maintain existing service levels ...
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Learning Uninterrupted: Supporting Positive Culture and Behavior in Schools

As Massachusetts schools move beyond strict zero tolerance discipline policies, the report examines how school districts could implement reforms that reduce student suspensions and foster ...
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Partnership in Peril: Federal Funding at Risk for State Programs Relied on by Massachusetts Residents

This paper examines the major federal funding sources that the state uses to provide access to affordable health care, help children thrive, assist low-income families, ...
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Analyzing the Governor’s Budget for FY 2018

The Governor's Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 budget includes proposals that strengthen the capacity of the MassHealth program to meet the healthcare needs of people in ...
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The Minimum Wage in Massachusetts: Challenges & Opportunities

Over the last 40 years, as productivity has increased steadily and we have created more value per hour worked, that growth has not translated into ...
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