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Early Education & Care in the Governor’s FY 2014 Budget

The Governor's proposal invests in early education in two broad ways: by expanding access to early education options and by seeking to improve the quality ...
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Economic Gains from Early Education & Care

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Declines in Spending on Early Education & Care in Massachusetts

Under pressure from the recession and the large revenue losses that followed the tax cuts of the late 1990s and early 2000s, spending on early ...
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Youth and Work: in Massachusetts and Across the Nation

Here in Massachusetts, close to 1 in 7 young people is unemployed. Nationwide, 6.5 million "disconnected youth" are out of school and also out of ...
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Breakfast and Lunch Participation in Massachusetts Schools

Are free and reduced-price school meals getting to all the kids who need them? That's the question that motivated Breakfast and Lunch Participation in Massachusetts ...
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Funding for Dept. of Children and Families and Children at the Dept. of Mental Health, FY 2009 – FY 2013

Funding for children through the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Mental Health has been cut significantly since the beginning of the ...
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Child Poverty in Massachusetts Unchanged, Most Children Have Health Insurance

Children in Massachusetts fare better than in much of the rest of the nation, as child poverty in the Commonwealth remains unchanged and health insurance ...
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Quality, Cost, and Purpose: Comparisons of Government and Private Sector Payments for Similar Services

We count on government to do many important things--things we can't do alone--like provide good schools, protect our environment, promote public safety, and offer a ...
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An Unstable Ladder: How the Fiscal Crisis is Threatening Education and Work Support Programs for Many Women

State programs in higher education, employment training and child care enable residents to attain and keep quality jobs. While these programs are open to all, ...
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