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Quincy lawmaker faces backlash over ethnic identification bill

At a packed hearing on the bill Tuesday, critics of the legislation blasted it as a form of racial profiling and accused its backers of ...
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House Dems dump Baker’s ‘working families’ tax relief

Kurt Wise, senior policy analyst at the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, questioned the use of one-time surplus tax revenues to drive permanent tax policy ...
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Beacon Hill Roll Call, October 11, 2019

"In Massachusetts, living in high-poverty neighborhoods affects six percent of all children, and these neighborhoods are mostly in the Gateway Cities and the City of ...
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What Are The Effects Of Childhood Poverty?

Rath: In terms of addressing this, you said money does matter, and in its report, the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center calls for changes to ...
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Senate approves big boost in school aid

Baker filed a funding bill in January that would have increased state aid to districts by $460 million, according to an estimate by the Massachusetts ...
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90,000 Mass. kids living in ‘concentrated poverty,’ researchers say

About 90,000 children in Massachusetts are growing up in neighborhoods where 30 percent of more of the population is living in poverty, according to local ...
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Tens of thousands of Mass. children still live in areas of concentrated poverty, report says

"Growing up in high-poverty neighborhoods has long-term impacts on our kids," said Marie-Frances Rivera, president of the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, a nonpartisan research ...
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On education bill, funding and taxes loom large

Colin Jones of the liberal-leaning Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center applauded the bill, calling it "a very significant move forward," but added that the idea ...
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Enforcement Climate Causing Immigrants to Forego Care

The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center estimated this month that there are about 185,000 undocumented immigrants currently residing in the state.
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Our Opinion: Modest tax reforms would have benefits

According to the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (MassBudget), an independent group that researches and analyzes the state's finances, Massachusetts' business tax levels rank in ...
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