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Building a Strong Economy: The Roles of Education, Transportation, and Tax Policy

Effective economic policies can create a more highly productive state economy and make it possible to improve economic opportunity and security for working families. This paper examines the economic research on the relationship between effective investments in education and transportation and improved economic productivity. The paper also examines the economic effects of tax reforms that can fund those investments.

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The Joint Ways & Means Transportation Proposal

The Joint Ways & Means transportation package uses a combination of new tax revenue and increased fees to shore up MBTA finances and move MassDOT employees from the capital budget to the operating budget. It is significantly smaller than the Governor’s earlier transportation package and it does not include the Governor’s investments in education.

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A First Look at the Governor’s Proposals on Education, Transportation, and Revenue

In recent days, the Governor has proposed: 1) increased funding for education; 2) fixes and improvements to our transportation system; 3) a revenue plan to pay for these initiatives. We analyze how they would affect Early Education & Care, K-12, Higher Ed., Transportation, the Sales Tax, and the Income Tax.

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