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It’s About Time: Modernizing the Massachusetts Overtime Law Would Help 435,000 Salaried WorkersMay 2, 2019

Everyone deserves fair pay for the hours they work, and the freedom to have a personal life away from the job. That’s why we have overtime laws, which require that most workers be paid time-and-a-half for every hour they work over 40 in a given week. For salaried workers, however, these laws no longer provide the protection they used to. Both the Massachusetts legislature and the Trump Administration's Department of Labor are considering increases to the dollar threshold below which salaried workers are automatically eligible for overtime. The Massachusetts proposal would extend overtime protections to 435,000 workers by 2024 -- 25 percent of salaried workers in the state. The Trump proposal would cover just 6 percent of salaried workers in Massachusetts.

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