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Earned Paid Sick Time and Safe Time ProvisionsOctober 30, 2014

To protect their physical and economic security, survivors of domestic and sexual violence sometimes need to take time off from work to address health and safety issues. Many employers provide "safe time" leave for such employees and Earned Paid Sick Time laws in several cities and states give employees the right to take safe time when needed. This fact sheet examines these policies and also provides a description of state programs that assist these survivors.

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Earned Paid Sick Time: Supporting Healthy, Thriving CommunitiesOctober 16, 2014

Policies that affect the health of individuals also affect the health of the community. MassBudget's new fact sheet Earned Paid Sick Time: Supporting Healthy, Thriving Communities examines the effects on the general public, families, and the workplace when sick workers can't stay home from work.

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Earned Paid Sick Time By the Numbers: Regional and Local Access In MassachusettsSeptember 29, 2014

Access to earned paid sick time improves the economic security of working people and families in communities in every region of our Commonwealth. This fact sheet provides data on the percentage of the workforce that currently lacks earned paid sick time in different cities and towns.

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