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Conference Preview: Differences Between the Senate and House Budgets for FY 2016May 27, 2015

This Monitor describes major differences between the House and Senate final budgets that will need to be reconciled by the conference committee now meeting. The Legislature’s final budget will then be sent to the Governor, who has line item veto authority to eliminate or reduce funding or specific policy provisions. Those vetoes could be overridden by a two-thirds vote of both branches of the Legislature.

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Infographic: Every Kid Needs a FamilyMay 13, 2015

This infographic shows that Massachusetts is below the national average in giving children who are in the child welfare system the opportunity to live with members of their extended family. This contributes to more kids leaving the system (aging-out) without the support of a permanent family.

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Analyzing the Senate Ways and Means Budget for FY2016May 13, 2015

The Senate Ways and Means proposal for FY 2016 modestly increases education programs above levels in the Governor's and House budgets and it follows the Governor and the House in increasing funding to fight substance abuse and in modestly increasing local aid. Like proposals by the Governor and the House, the SWM budget relies heavily on temporary strategies.

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