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Allowing for More Meaningful Comparisons: Taxes and Spending as a Share of Personal Income

This Facts At A Glance describes methodological issues regarding the comparison of tax and spending levels between different time periods or different states.
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The Income Tax

Massachusetts has an income tax rate of 5.3 percent. The income tax is the single-largest source of revenue for the state, with collections totaling $10.1 ...
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Extending Improvements to Tax Credits for Lower-Income Workers and Their Families

This fall, Congress will debate whether to extend tax cuts adopted over the past decade. While there appears to be general agreement among policymakers that ...
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Understanding Our Tax System: A Primer for Active Citizens

This primer provides an overview of the Commonwealth's tax system as well as clear information and analysis of how Massachusetts compares to other states and ...
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Expiring Federal Tax Cuts: Costs and Beneficiaries of Extending Cuts Targeted at Highest-Income Taxpayers

In the coming weeks, the U.S. House and Senate may debate whether to extend (or make permanent) all or only some of the Bush-era income ...
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How Will New Tax on Alcohol Affect Revenues?

As part of a package of sales tax changes that went into effect in 2009, Massachusetts' general sales tax rate was raised from 5 percent ...
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Examining Tax Fairness

Determining who is affected most by the state's tax system, as well as individual taxes, is important in considering the fairness of tax policy changes. ...
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Massachusetts Ranks 31st in Taxes in FY 2008

The amount of state and local taxes paid in Massachusetts as a share of state personal income remained well below the U.S. average in Fiscal ...
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New Corporate Tax Breaks Proposed in Economic Development Legislation

In economic development legislation under consideration in the House, there are proposals for new corporate tax breaks. This Facts At a Glance provides information about ...
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MA Business Taxes: How Our State Compares to the Nation

National studies have consistently found that the overall level of business taxation is significantly lower in Massachusetts than in most states. One prominent study ranks ...
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