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Charter School Funding, Explained

This brief explains how funding works for Commonwealth Charter Schools and how it interacts with funding for traditional school districts.
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Proposed Low-Income Student Changes Would Have Varied Chapter 70 Impact

In this brief we describe three proposed changes to the treatment of low-income students in the Chapter 70 formula for FY 2017, analyze their combined ...
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Direct Certification for School Meals: Feeding Students, Counting Kids, Funding Schools

This brief describes a number of solutions that would improve the effectiveness of the direct certification system and its ability to accurately identify low-income students.
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Building a Strong Economy: The Roles of Education, Transportation, and Tax Policy

Effective economic policies can create a more highly productive state economy and make it possible to improve economic opportunity and security for working families. This ...
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Debt-Free Public Higher Education: What Would It Take?

Expanding access to affordable higher education would directly help tens of thousands of students in Massachusetts, and their families. In addition to giving more of ...
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FAQ: Expanding School Meals and Implications for School Funding Formulas

Massachusetts schools are phasing-in a set of improvements to their school meals programs. These changes help ensure that more kids eat healthy meals every day ...
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The Right Size for Learning: Class Sizes in Massachusetts

Children have a better chance to succeed in school when they receive individualized support and attention. Smaller class sizes are one way to help our ...
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Beyond the Bell: Options for Increased Learning Time

Increased learning time can be an effective tool for providing more of our young people with improved, more well-rounded education - but only if it's ...
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Uplifting the Whole Child: Using Wraparound Services to Overcome Social Barriers to Learning

To help children overcome non-academic barriers to success, a number of districts across the country have implemented wraparound services in their schools. Recent research shows ...
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Building a Foundation for Success

Early education and care has wide ranging benefits for children, parents and the economy. This report examines options for investing in early education that range ...
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