Envisioning Equity

Envisioning Equity is MassBudget’s emergent policy framework
designed to advance policy solutions to create an inclusive, thriving Commonwealth.

An antiracist
state budget

Economic security
for all


Tax justice =
Racial Justice

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How Do We Get There?

Creating an antiracist state budget means investing in quality education, affordable health care, improved transportation, and vibrant communities especially in communities which have experienced chronic underinvestment.

Fully fund the Student Opportunity Act to provide urgently needed funding to under resourced schools as the Legislature committed to in 2019

Make buses fare-free across the Commonwealth

Increase state support to households at risk of being evicted or foreclosed on and to small landlords.

Ensure that federal funds are distributed equitably across the Commonwealth.

Create learning environments where all students, particularly students of color, are respected and feel safe.

Tax justice = racial justice means fixing our upside-down tax system to one where corporations and wealthy individuals pay their fair share so we can invest in an antiracist state budget.

Ensure that wealthy individuals pay their fair share by passing the Fair Share Amendment to invest in improving transportation and education

Stop tax cuts that would decrease equity in our tax code and in the public good.

Guaranteeing economic security for all means directly combating the extreme and unsustainable levels of inequality and our kids and families are suffering.

Extend and Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), including to those who file income taxes with an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) because they lack a social security number.

Improve unemployment assistance, ensuring that the program is more equitable and financially secure.

Enabling all drivers, regardless of immigration status, to obtain state driver’s licenses.

Building an inclusive democracy means providing accessible research and training on the state budget and taxes, as well as partnering with community organizations to increase our collective reach, so everyone can be informed and united in fighting for change.
Work with partners to develop and deliver accessible training and materials to strengthen their advocacy on creating antiracist budgets.

Collaborate with partners doing direct voter education and member engagement to align our efforts and center data in our to create a stronger infrastructure for change and collective advocacy.

We have important work to do:

Our state and local tax system remains “upside-down”.
The highest-income households in Massachusetts, those in the top 1 percent, pay a smaller percent of their income in state and local taxes than all other income groups.

Early education and care are critical, but unaffordable for too many.
Massachusetts ranked last among the 50 states in the affordability of infant care, with costs reaching nearly $21,000 per year. At this price, infant care consumes over 80% of a minimum wage salary.

Student debt is crushing our younger generation.
Decades of state disinvestment in public higher education has shifted the cost burden to students and families, especially harming low-income and students of color.

Massachusetts is in a housing crisis.
Someone earning a minimum wage must work 105 hours per week to afford a 2-bedroom apartment at Fair Market Rent. And, because of the legacy of historically racist housing policies, Black and Latinx families are even less likely to have access to affordable, stable housing.

What does equity look like?

Accessible Cradle to Career Education

High-quality early education, fully funded K-12 programs, and debt-free public higher education for all
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Safe, Healthy, and Affordable Housing for All Communities

Ensuring rental and home ownership opportunities that solve the affordability and equity crisis
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A Redesigned Revenue System

Rewriting our tax code to ensure everyone contributes their fair share to pay for our public goods
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Transit Pathways to Economic Empowerment

A fare-free public transit system that's efficient, faster, and convenient for riders
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Supports for Our Workforce

Direct cash supports and state aid to low-income workers and families regardless of immigration status
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Building a Participatory Democracy

A state budget process that is transparent, antiracist, and inclusive to meet the needs of our communities
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